Find a quiet place, put on your headphones and breathe deeply following the advanced binaural track tuned at 432Hz to regenerate your mind and body. 

Find the forest

within you.

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This technique is a breathing method which is designed to correct and reduce the body bio-electric field imbalances boosting physical, mental and spiritual heath by synchronizing human brainwave rhythms with the Earth's regular heartbeat. 

The Shumann Resonance, discovered by W.O. Shumann, is natural pulse heartbeat of our planet, beating at the frequency of 7.83 HZ.


By listening daily to this track, while deep breathing for the length of the 10 min duration, you will connect with an Optimal Frequency State given by a window frequency of Alpha/Theta brainwave which promotes accelerated healing and learning while handling stress management through relaxation.

Designed to keep the bio-electric field free of blocks and disturbances, when performed in Pure Air it provides all the additional benefits of deep breathing techniques like Pranayama, such as:

- improved blood circulation

- improved concentration

- release of anxiety

- release stress and depression

- build up of self-confidence

- calming the mind

- performance booster

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